Any pCloudy registered user will be provided with 10GB of space in the Cloud Drive to store test related data on the cloud. All data stored on Cloud Drive is secure and accessible only to the registered user.

Apps/Test Data

This is a folder in which Test Data uploaded by the user can be stored. This feature allows you to upload your .apk/.ipa files of android/iOS apps. Once uploaded on the Cloud Drive, the Test data like .apk/.ipa files can be quickly transferred to any Device for quick installation testing operation.

Upload Test Data: For this, login with your registered User ID and password. Go to the “My APP/DATA” page. User can upload the test apps/data on cloud drive from user’s local machine. In the given below screenshot, you can see list of uploaded test data (android/iOS apps). User can also manage the cloud drive with operations like download/delete/Select Multiple/Refresh upload etc.