The tools menu in OpKey has three unique tabs: 1) Global Variables, 2) Mobile Management, and 3) pCloudy Dashboard 4) External Tool Integration


(1) Global Variables:
Global variables are variables having constant value throughout the project. These variables are useful when having to share with additional functions. Users can modify the values of global variables in a single location; removing the requirements of having to modify each variable in different stages of the project. These variables are user- defined. For example, users can create their own variables based on need and integrate them throughout the project.

(2) Mobile Management:

The mobile management feature allows users to manage mobile devices and applications. Registering each mobile device expected to be used for testing is required.

  • Application Management: Users can manage Google Android and Apple iOS applications for testing on real mobile devices.
  • Device Management: Users can manage online and offline real mobile devices for testing.

(3) pCloudy Dashboard:

This features allows users direct access to pCloudy. Users can enter application program interface (API) Endpoint. Please visit After users connect to pCloudy, user your API login and password and click log-in.

(4) External Tool Integration: 

External Tool (Jira so far) is now integrated with OpKey SaaS, which make it a complete SaaS Based Test Automation Tool.

OpKey SaaS, integrated with Jira, enables users importing their issues, TEST Plans/Test cases into OpKey. It also allows users to link their automated test cases/scenarios of OpKey, and store the execution result after test execution.

For detailed information on Tools Menu, please refer: Tools Menu