OpKey –The Tool Agnostic Test Automation Platform, simplifies your complex automation problems and needs with its unique keyword driven approach. Owing to the OpKey's unique features such as Code Less Script Generation, Data Driven Testing, Record and play, Execution on Cloud etc, which make it the best available Test Automation Tools in the market. You don’t require complex programming skills, as OpKey has more than 500 inbuilt keywords which can handle every typical scenarios efficiently. With its user friendly GUI, you require minimal effort for automating any of your scenarios. You can also schedule the execution of the flows and can execute on multiple machines.

Salient OpKey - Desktop Features : 

  • Fastest script creation and easiest script maintenance : Using OpKey recorder (a Selenium IDE extension) to record your actions, you can manage your objects, parameterize your script with point and click, and use inbuilt Recovery Scenarios to handle exceptions, errors etc. 
  • Mobile testing : Automate your iOS and Android apps using your favorite plugin tools such as Appium, Robotium, and Sikuli.
  • Multi Browser Testing : With OpKey Cloud, you can run hundreds of parallel tests and cut your testing time. 
  • Web, Mobile and Web services Test automation - All in One Script : Within your single OpKey script, you can automate your web app, your mobile app and web services.
  • Distributed Test Execution : You can run your test in parallel and accelerate your testing cycle.
  • Integrate with CI and ALM : OpKey integrates with your existing CI (Jenkins, Bamboo) and ALM tools (HP QC, TestLink, Jira, Bugzilla) seamlessly.
  • Record using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer : You can now record your actions on web using both Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox.
  • Behavior Driven Development : With OpKey, you just need to write your test cases or requirements using Gherkin feature in OpKey.