OpKey - Desktop is a Tool Agnostic Test Automation Platform, which helps you to create your test quickly & easily and automate your test & analyze your execution result.

You can create & execute your first Test just within 10 minutes. Before creating & executing your first test, please ensure that your system meets all required settings, installed applications & configurations (please refer : https://opkey.com/user-guide/pages.php?subid=64&accordid=2)

Let us create & execute your first test by following below given steps:

  • OpKey OpKey & create your Test Case
  • Go to the recorder button & click on it
  • Select your Object repository file and select your browser & corresponding recorder
  • Start recording on opened recorder window
  • Once recording gets completed, stop it & save fetched objects
  • Have a look to the newly created Test Case through recording
  • Click on 'Run Now' button to execute this Test Case
  • Fill all required fields in Execution wizard and wait until execution gets completed
  • Expand execution result and analyze it

For detailed information on creating and executing your first test, please refer : https://opkey.com/user-guide/pages.php?subid=73&accordid=4