OpKey is a Tool Agnostic Test Automation Platform which offers one stop solution for every web application, desktop test automation needs & mobile automation.

It is incorporated with different automation tools (Ex. Selenium, Appium, HP – UFT, and Sikuli) and supports more than 500 keywords. It helps users enhance and control the quality of their software. It is empowered with various useful features like inbuilt object management, test data management, recorder, integrations with CI, ALM tools. OpKey is not an automation tool in itself. It integrates with the existing automation tools available and provides a complete end to end test automation solution.

Creating custom keywords is one of the advanced features of OpKey. User-defined keywords can easily be added to a project using Keyword Management Wizard sub-menu. However, User needs to ensure that the keywords written in a lib file are imported into OpKey before using them in a test step. For details about this, please refer : Keyword Management Wizard.

For detailed information on OpKey keywords, please refer : https://opkey.crestechglobal.com/user-guide/pages.php?subid=111&accordid=14