Object Repository is a collection of objects fetched from a web application. OpKey fetches objects from the dynamically changing application by identifying them with their expected values and properties. Object Repository allows you to add objects in different ways: Add to OR and Manual way. In addition, you can perform all necessary operations, such as Add, Edit, Copy, Refresh, Delete and Search object repository. Objects in Object Repository defined by the end user can be arranged in a modular structure. Before executing the application, you should ensure that Object Repository contains all the objects to be used by your test scenario.

Quick Start Screencast : 

For example, if you want to map any object from object repository file with your Function Library file then follow below given steps:

  • Go to your Test Case or Function Library file.
  • Select test step which takes object input arguments.
  • Go to object input arguments and select the required object from OR file.
  • Save your Test Case or Function Library File and execute them.

For detailed information on Object Repository, please refer: Working with Object Repositories