While testing any specific feature on any application, if the pre-requisite is to have some pre-loaded data or test data to be available on device, the "transfer test content" feature is used. It could be images files or DB files which App might need for certain features.

Click on the "transfer test content" button. 

Select the test data from the Data folder from the cloud drive

Click the "Push" button

Note: If there are multiple files to be uploaded, we recommend to zip all the files in a single file and upload the single zip file to device. After this the zip file can be un-zipped on the device. This will save time to upload the test data.

The selected test data will be copied to mobile under test.

The test data will reside in SD card/swap box.


Once the data gets copied, below status is displayed.

Swap box is the location where the test data will reside. This location is created by the pCloudy platform on all the pCloudy devices.


Post testing, user can Pull the data back from the device and also erase it manually by selecting the below check box in the main dialog.

If user does not erase or pull the data from the device, then it will automatically gets cleaned up when user releases the device.


Note: The data only from "Swap box" gets cleaned up automatically by platform after releasing the device. If user manually copies the test data to some other location, then it is users’ responsibility to clean up the data to protect their IP.