This feature is used to check the debug logs while tester is testing the mobile application. This feature allows user to follow the logs and application flow at a single glance. Please click on Debug Logs button on the right top corner as shown in the below figure.

Once you click on the Debug Logs tab, the pane will expand and will allow you to do more with logs. Click on Start logs and the debug logs will start appearing in the pane.

The logs can be either stopped () or paused () by clicking respective buttons. The below figure shows the logs are paused.

Search:Using this button you can search for specific keyword in the given logs. Click on this button and enter the keyword to be searched in the text box and hit the search button.

Clear Logs: Using this button you can clear the logs displayed in the given pane. Click on the button and the logs displayed will get cleared from this viewing pane as displayed in the below figure.

Download Logs:Using this button you can downloads the debug logs generated by that time to your local system. Click on the “Download Logs” button and the logs will get downloaded. 

Set Filter:Using this button you can set the filter your application is using. By doing so you will see the debug logs only related to your application. To use this feature, click on the “Set Filter” button. You will be shown below dialog. Enter the Filter/s your application is using in the Logcat Filter field and click the Set button.

You will start seeing the debug logs related to the filter/s you set.

If while testing you don’t want to get distracted looking at the logs besides the device you can stop () this logs and close the debug window ().