Certifaya is our AI Powered bot testing engine. You just need to upload your Application and sit back and relax. Certifaya bots will do their magic and you will get a detailed health check of your App.

Here are steps to Create your Certifaya session

Step 1 : Upload your App to My App/Data . Please follow the this article to upload your App

Step 2 : Once the app is uploaded, You can navigate to Certifaya page by Clicking on CERTIFAYA Tab. 

You will land on Certifaya page.   

Step 3 : Select your Application clicking on + icon. It opens the My App/Data folder. Double click on right row to choose your App.

Steps 4 : You can see in the screenshot, BMS.apk app has been selected. Now you can provide App credentials if required. In this example "Username" and "Password" field is provided. 

Step 5 : You can click on + icon to add more fields for Test Data. 

Step 6 : Now you are ready to Schedule the Run. Click on Run button.

Step 7 :  My Certifaya session will show the status of your session. It can take between 15-30 mins for session to get completed.  Once the session is completed, you see the Progress bar as 100% green. You can click on View Report icon to open the report.

Step 8 : You can Navigate through the report.

Step 6: You wish to share the report with your team members, you can make the report Public. Anyone having access of the report URL can see the report.